Things to know about Montana's modern real estate markets

Home buyers and sellers are hearing a lot of distracting information about the real estate market today. Reports that prices are still too high, there are too many houses on the market, loans are difficult to get and housing just is not the investment it used to be are all notions that discourage consumers from entering the market. The good news is that Montana real estate markets continue to remain fairly stable for home buyers and sellers.

All Real Estate is Local

There is no such thing as a national real estate market. If you read newspapers, you might get the idea that real estate markets are the same everywhere. If conditions are not good in one state, they must be similarly situated in another, right? Wrong! Real estate markets are local – whether you are looking to buy or sell – get the facts straight by talking to a local realtor!

A house is a place to make a home, not just a dollar


Most purchasers do not buy a house to flip it – they buy it to live in it! Homeownership provides shelter, a place to raise a family, a greater sense of community, and a better quality of life – not to mention savings accumulated through equity and tax benefits. 

 Now is a good time to buy.

Home prices have moderates, interest rates are down and the number of homes for sale is rising. Buyers with good credit and a realistic perspective of what they may afford should have no difficulty obtaining mortgage approval. Help is always available through MAR Sponsored Housing Resources for those with damaged credit or limited means.

Realtors add value to your transaction

Realtors handle hundreds of real estate transactions over the course of their careers, and thus may counsel and guide buyers and sellers through the process. Realtors have education, experience, and expertise to help sellers protect their investments and help buyers build theirs.

Location has never mattered more


 While prices in some neighborhoods remain relatively stable, other areas are showing home prices slightly down. Some areas of Montana have large inventories and other areas have more sparce selections. Check with a local Realtor to see how your area is doing.


Marketing language courtesy of the Montana Association of Realtors.™